Being Giveful

Those who give, receive.

Giveful is an Old English word meaning “filled with a giving heart.”

Being Giveful is more than giving your time, talents, and treasures to another – it’s a way of being. It is a personal wellness practice for your mind, body, and soul, creating daily moments of joy while enhancing your overall well-being.

Learn how you can make Being Giveful a daily practice.



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What if we started a Being Giveful movement?



To release the gifts of Being Giveful to humanity.

Being Giveful benefits our overall well-being and the world around us.



To grow giving and those Being Giveful.

To promote giving and receiving – Being Giveful – as a wellness practice where everyone shares themselves with others while receiving all the gifts of giving in return.



Being Giveful is the currency of our souls.

It is our natural state of being, where giving and receiving are interconnected and continuous.


Our Humble Beginnings

As one of eight children, founder Patricia Glaser Shea has been sharing in community all her life. She’s now on a mission to promote the act of giving and receiving as a personal wellness practice that benefits our physical, mental, and spiritual health – as well as the world around us.

By giving and receiving freely and abundantly - and in alignment with who we are and what we value – we have the potential to unleash all the gifts we have available to improve the human condition.
Patricia Glaser Shea

Community Testimonials

This concept is critical and needs to be shared with more people quickly. What can we accomplish when this model is introduced? The limits are boundless. Don’t hesitate to have Pat talk to your group—10 to 10,000—the impact is real.
Amanda Weeks-Geveden
Senior Wealth Manager, SVP, 1834, A division of Old National Bank
…one of the most thought-provoking and important speeches I have heard in a long time. The world—whether it be your corporation, your board, or your own community---needs to hear what Pat has to say on Being Giveful. Right now.
Eve Hutcherson
Executive Director, Advancing Women in Nashville
And this is such a wonderful way to journey through life. Be alert to opportunities where you can give.
Dr. Srikumar Rao
Founder, The Rao Institute

Give the gift of Being Giveful

Being Giveful creates Giveful Beings. Giving of your time and talents can ignite just as much social change as donating money.

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