Being Giveful

Patricia Glaser Shea

Visionary. Speaker. Giver.

As one of eight children, Pat learned the importance of being in the community and sharing early on. Her family had one car, bike, and bathroom, and she shared one sock drawer with five sisters.

Grounded in her upbringing, giving and receiving have always been integral to her professional and personal life. A former nonprofit CEO, Pat has grown frustrated with the limited idea that philanthropy is only about giving money. Pat believes – she knows – we all have so much more to offer, and our world needs the abundance of our gifts now.

The Birth of an Idea

The idea behind Being Giveful was born out of the mindset that the root of philanthropy is the “love of humanity” and the belief that “Those who give receive” as well.

Pat has been “helping others to help others” throughout her career as a successful corporate executive, entrepreneur and non-profit leader.

She has raised over $60 million for nonprofits and co-founded and sold a tech company providing automated workplace giving and volunteering. The Nashville Business Journal has named her one of Nashville’s Power 100 for four years.

Today, in her latest life chapter, she has learned not to pursue joy by looking externally but by looking within. She’s prioritizing living in the present – with a quiet mind and an open heart – and connection to everything and everyone around her. “Helping others to help others” is her “why” and Being Giveful is her “how.”

Help start a wellness movement.

Being Giveful is highly contagious. Be the first to give the gift of Being Giveful to your peers, colleagues, or organization, and watch giving grow.

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